They are so cute I love them.

They are so cute I love them.

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"Isn’t this awesome! We are cool enough to get our own legacy!"
"But that’s soooooo much work."

"Isn’t this awesome! We are cool enough to get our own legacy!"

"But that’s soooooo much work."

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Harmony De Milo

Harmony grew up in a house with her parents and her 11 siblings. Money was tight, but her parents were good at budgeting. Their main focus was love and family, which is probably why they adopted 8 children. They supported all their kids with whatever they wanted to do, whether it was art, business, sciences. Whether they wanted to go to uni or not. They had an open mind and an open heart, and it very much shows in Harmony. 

She loves sculpting and hopes to one day be one of the best sculptors to have ever lived. While she doesn’t want 13 kids, she does want a few kids of her own. She recently met the love of her life, Heart Darling, and they are ready to move in together. Their house is currently under construction, so the pair will have to live in Harmony’s family home with her very large and crazy family.

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Heart Darling - 

Heir to the Darling fortune, as an only child, Heart was given everything she could desire on a silver platter. She lived in a big house with her 2 parents who were around a lot more than you would expect. Even though she grew up very privileged, her father always taught her that everything was earned, not just given. 

As an heir to an incredible fortune, she was a very desired bachelorette. Many men often tried to court her and propose, but she was never impressed or interested. She wasn’t naive, she knew they were after her money. So, with her parents blessing, she silently disappeared off on her own to a new town, where she was sure no one knew her. She met the love of her life. 

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"Guess what!"


"I’m going to have a baby too!"

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calm down theyre just shapes

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Royal is a painter for his job, but he is painting this for the nursery.

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He picked up the music career, so, he has to practice the guitar

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That book looks pretty interesting

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