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if you’re going to be mad about how i spend my time on simblr, then unfollow now, i don’t care. i’d rather have 5 fun followers to talk to and just have fun posting and chatting than 5000 who are ready to jump at me when i do something they don’t like.

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John Berges, a designer on TS4, takes us through two minutes and twenty-nine seconds of Build Mode tools and features! Check soon for an info compilation for the video.

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i want to make a world again soon, but i want to use different textures, maybe make my own. I also want to make it much brighter, with a sort of fun, whimsy, cartoon style to it. I’m open for any ideas and tips.

Well, of course it has crossed my mind. I’m so used to having Zodiac around and being there as my dad I guess that I don’t have this empty hole in my life like you would expect? I do wonder where he is, how he is doing, if he wonders about me. If he has any other kids, you know?

I’m actually going to start searching soon, but, that’s a secret between you and me. I haven’t told or asked my mother, because I don’t want to hurt her or Zodiac’s feelings. I’m doing it more for me I guess.

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